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1. Extracts from Irish Railway Record Society Journal

No. 92, October 1983, p.98

Special Promotion

...Ennis was selected on Thursdays in August by starting the 0845 ex Limerick from Ennis at 0745; the fare was IR£7.00 and return was by the 1825 ex Heuston, changing at Limerick Jn into the 2015 which was extended to Ennis.

No. 93, February 1984, p.148


...Another feature of the Spot Fare promotion was the extension of the 0845 Limerick - Heuston to run from Ennis on Thursdays. The day return fare was £7.00 from 4 August rising to £10 for the period from 8 November to 8 December [1983]. The 0745 Ennis on 27 October consisted of 016 + eight ACV + EGV + bogie van, and left at 0747 with a worthwhile load of about 90 passengers, arriving in Limerick at 0835, where 077 was attached as train engine... ...Return service was by the 1825 Tralee as far as Limerick Jn, where passengers changed into the 2015 to Limerick which was extended to Ennis on each Thursday.

No. 93, February 1984, p.150

Special Promotion

This scheme has proved very successful and it was extended from September up to 17 December inclusive... ...Thursday sees the promotion applying from Ennis, as described in the last Journal.

No. 97, June 1985, p.393


The Thursday excursion from Ennis continues to operate, although in somewhat different form from formerly. It now leaves Ennis at 0745 and forms the 0850 to Ballybrophy from Limerick connecting there into the 0730 ex Tralee and arriving in Dublin at 1120. Running time from Limerick to Ennis is 49 mins for the 24¼ miles. Speed is restricted to 40 mph. On the return journey the 2010 Limerick Jn is extended to Ennis, connecting out of the 1825 Heuston - Tralee.

No. 121, June 1993, p.253

Passenger Traffic: Limerick-Ennis

The regular pattern of services on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was increased to five days each week from Friday 19 February and Sunday 21 February. On Tuesday to Friday an empty train leaves Limerick at 0630 to form the 0745 from Ennis. Passengers for Dublin travel on the 0835 ex Limerick. In the evening the 1740 ex Heuston goes through to Ennis at 1950, Ennis arrival 2030.

On Sundays the return weekend service leaves Ennis at 1645, the empty train leaves Limerick at 1545 and connects into the 1740 Limerick/Heuston service.

As a result of the Mk.III set working through to Ennis on Friday the 2025 (FO) Limerick to Limerick Jn is cancelled and the 2018 ex Limerick Jn (FO) is replaced by bus. It should he noted that the service to Ennis, particularly in the evening, may not always be a train. If numbers are small, a substitute bus will be used.

Numbers travelling on the weekend service in the first two weeks were in the region of 75-80.

No. 125, October 1994, p.456

Timetables 1994-5

...Ennis is now given a daily service. A train leaves at 0730 connecting with the 0820 Limerick - Heuston. This service is rostered for the Limerick based push-pull service except on Mondays when this set operates the 0555 Limerick - Limerick Jn. In the down direction the 1740 Heuston - Limerick leaves at 1735 and arrives in Ennis at 2030. The 1745 (FX) Heuston - Limerick leaves at 1740, runs non-stop to Portarlington and gives a connection at Ballybrophy for Limerick via Nenagh arriving in Limerick at 2020. The through service by Limerick Jn waits for a connection out of the 1900 from Cork and arrives in Limerick at 2050. On Fridays the train runs to Tralee.

There are now additional through trains on Sundays between Limerick and Dublin, up at 1025 and down at 1340, and the connection from the 1320 Dublin - Cork is extended to Ennis, arriving at 1650. This train returns from Ennis at 1730 and connects with the 1815 Limerick - Heuston service.


2. Working timetable entries:

13 January 1986 : no booked workings

16 May 1988 : 0735 TThO Ennis - Limerick : path; 1908 TThO Ballybrophy (2035 Limerick) - Ennis : path

at January 1992 : 0745 TThO Ennis - Limerick : path; 1950 TThO Limerick - Ennis : path

10 May 1993 : 0730 TWThO and 1715 SuO Ennis - Limerick : PASS; 1950 TWThO Limerick - Ennis : path; 1950 FO Limerick - Ennis : PASS

16 May 1994 : 0730 SuX and 1720 SuO Ennis - Limerick : PASS; 1610 SuO Limerick - Ennis : PASS; 1735 SuX Dublin (1950 Limerick) - Ennis : PASS


3. Summary:

Thursday excursions started 4 August 1984; not shown in timetables (IRRS Journals No. 92, October 1983, p.98, No. 93, February 1984, p.148, No. 93, February 1984, p.150 and No. 97, June 1985, p.393)

Tuesday excursions added from 12 April 1988; shown in working but not public timetables (16 May 1988 working timetable)

Wednesday excursions added from unrecorded date (by spring 1993); shown in working but not public timetables (IRRS Journal No. 121, June 1993, p.253; 10 May 1993 working timetable)

Friday and Sunday "weekend commuting" journeys added from 19 February 1993; shown in working and public timetables from 10 May 1993 (IRRS Journal No. 121, June 1993, p.253; 10 May 1993 working timetable)

Daily services from 16 May 1994; shown in working and public timetables (IRRS Journal No. 125, October 1994, p.456; 16 May 1994 working and public timetables)

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