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Great Britain (including international services):

A Bibliography: a list of publications (not periodicals) which have been principally (or exclusively) chronologies of some aspect of railways (3 November 2021)

Bletchley's "Worcester curve": the history of this abandoned link line between the main and Oxford lines (7 December 2015)

Channel Tunnel Train Services: a chronology of the introduction of the various services through the Channel Tunnel (2 April 2020)

Eurostar services: a chronology of the introduction of Eurostar's passenger services (6 September 2020)

Sheepcote Lane curve, London: a chronology of the introduction and withdrawal of passenger services over this reopened curve (28 December 2015)

Croxley Green L.N.W.R. branch: a chronology of its passenger closure (11 April 2006)

Allington - Barkston: a record of the changes effected from 3 October 2005 between Allington Jn, Barkston South Jn and Barkston East Jn and of its abortive 1958 precursor (5 April 2006)

Maindee curve: a chronology of its passenger closure (10 January 2014)

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway opening: a record of the reopening of passenger services at Wirksworth (21 January 2006)

Sinfin branch passenger service: a chronology of its passenger service (31 January 2011)

Wimborne - Bailey Gate (Corfe Mullen Junction): withdrawal date of its passenger service (23 September 2015)

The demise of "Halts" and "Platforms" on British Rail: a note of the withdrawal and reappearance of these suffixes (14 July 2019)

Definition of "Railway Passenger Station": a proposed definition (31 March 2017)

Eardington station (Severn Valley Railway) : a chronology of its career in the preservation era (22 December 2015)

Obligatory station stops: the abolition in 1963 of the British Railways Board's obligations to stop trains at specified stations (24 December 2006)

Beckenham Junction - New Beckenham: a chronology of it passenger closures (15 December 2014)

East of Mansfield: a study of the Nottinghamshire colliery branches immediately to the east of Mansfield - serving Rufford, Clipstone, Blidworth, Bilsthorpe and Mansfield collieries (5 January 2021)

GNR & LNWR joint lines: a chronology of the closure of the joint lines (and associated GNR branches) in Leicestershire and south Nottinghamshire (12 February 2021)

Nottingham - Worksop: a chronology of the restoration of passenger services (30 November 2007)

Llanberis branch passenger services from 1930 to 1962: a chronology of the regular excursion services which ran on this "closed" line (9 December 2015)

Welsh Highland Railway:

  Welsh Highland Railway in Archives: listings of material in publicly accessible archives or available on-line about the original Welsh Highland Railway and its predecessors (24 July 2021)

  Station Chronology: [note: opens a PDF file] chronological list of stations of the original Welsh Highland Railway and its predecessors (15 October 2021)

  Operational chronology: [note: opens a PDF file] chronology of train services of the original Welsh Highland Railway (23 November 2017)

  Chronicles of Croesor Crossing: [note: opens a PDF file] history of the flat crossing at Porthmadog/Portmadoc between the Croesor Tramway/Welsh Highland Railway and the Aberystwith & Welsh Coast Railway/Cambrian Railways/Great Western Railway (April 2018)

Temporary rail replacement service between Bideford and Torrington: [note: opens a PDF file] a chronology of the service between Bideford and Torrington in consequence of Bideford road bridge collapse in January 1968 (26 June 2016)

Moorthorpe Junction - South Kirkby Junction: a chronology of the regular passenger services over this Yorkshire curve (8 August 2015)

Chester Northgate avoiding line: a chronology of the regular (but short-lived) summer passenger service over this Cheshire curve (20 December 2012)

Bathgate's early railway history: a chronology establishing the passenger services' and early stations' history (29 December 2012)

Tonteg and St-y-Nyll halts, Barry Railway: a note about two very short-lived passenger halts of 1905 (29 January 2014)

Passenger closure of Pannal Junction - Starbeck South Junction direct line - North Eastern Railway: a chronology of the limited passenger service over this original main line in its later life (29 January 2014)

Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway and its predecessors: [note: opens a PDF file] a chronology from primary and secondary sources (15 December 2021)

Clinker’s Register of Closed Passenger Stations and Goods Depots in England, Scotland and Wales 1830 – 1977: Corrections to goods station closure details: [note: opens a PDF file] a compilation of corrections for goods station closure data from primary sources (6 January 2022)

Isle of Man Railway - A chronology [note: opens a PDF file] a chronology of the IoMR and its predecessors and successors (14 October 2021)

Ellesmere Loop - Wrexham & Ellesmere Railway: a chronology of the short life of this link line with the Cambrian main line, and of the limited through passenger services over it, with a critique of previously published histories' telling of the story (8 June 2020)

By-passed terminal passenger stations [note: opens a PDF file] a listing of stations by-passed by an extension or diversion of the line, shewing which involved closure of a section of line (5 April 2021)

Halts on the Rowington Junction to Henley in Arden branch line?: a critical examination of the claims that two halts existed on the Great Western's branch line from Rowington Junction to Henley in Arden (13 November 2016)

Pre-nationalisation rail passenger service withdrawal process: a note of legality and process for withdrawal of a rail passenger service prior to 1948 (3 January 2016)

Great Britain : Timetable topics

Bradshaw's Railway Guide: an analysis of its title changes and the availability of publicly accessible copies for researchers. (covering text 3 February 2021; detailed data 3 February 2021)

The National Rail timetable and its predecessors: a brief history (3 Febuary 2021)

Timetable start dates: a list of the start dates of British Railways (and successor) timetables since 1948 (8 January 2022)

Train Operating Company (TOC) codes: a de-coder for the two-character codes used in Great Britain Passenger Railway / National Rail Timetables and chronology of privatisation and transfer/re-branding of Great Britain's passenger railway franchises
This information has been overhauled and transferred to Phil Deaves's Railway Codes and other data website - follow this link for the chronology of privatisation and transfer/re-branding of Great Britain's passenger railway franchises and this link for a de-coder for the two-character codes used in Great Britain Passenger Railway / National Rail Timetables.


Ennis - Limerick: a chronology of the resumption of passenger services (29 January 2014)

United States of America:

The El Paso & Southwestern Railroad: Tucson, AZ - Benson, AZ - Douglas, AZ - Hermanas, NM - El Paso, TX - Santa Rosa, NM and branches (9 April 2011)

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Links to other sites with chronological content

gives a chronology (time line) of "pre-railway" developments leading to the birth of the modern railway in 1825 - 1830

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Bob Ayres's Irish Railway Station Dates is a chronology of opening and closing dates for stations throughout Ireland. Although a worthy effort, this cannot, alas, be regarded as 'definitive'.

includes Canadian and, particularly, Ottawa railway history.

Railway Codes is more than just codes - see, for example, under "Legal/financial" lists.

Mark Bau's VR Timeline is a chronology of Victorian Railways (Australia)

Two societies in particular promote interest in the study of railway history in the British Isles

The Railway & Canal Historical Society

Look particularly at their Railway Chronology special interest group page

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